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Victorian Leather Woven Collar Grey

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The Victorian collection is a whimsical exploration, taking a focal point in doily patterns we simplify and modernise the aesthetics to make this flowing collection. 

The Leather Woven Collar is a true exploration in couture fashion pieces from acrylic.

The 8 sections have been woven together with leather which create a true ruffle like collar that has limited but comfortable wearable flexibility to the piece.

It does not have any fixings at the back, it is pure modernist minimalism. 

It is best worn as a floating neck ring that would sit above and /or on top of clothes worn. 

Ultra light makes for very comfortable wearing, including long cocktail parties and social events.

This design is not for the faint of heart, it takes a bold character to wear this piece.

Measurements: 280mm x 140mm or 11in x 5.5inch.