Memories of Cupid

Memories of Cupid is a collaboration collection with the beautiful Julia Fiore.
Julia has curated this collection of jewellery and helped design this collection alongside Anthony Taylor of MissJ Designs who has skillfully manufactured of this wonderful collection.
Together we have developed a Victorian & Edwardian collection that includes products that speak the language of love, heartache, turbulence, romance, opulence and wealth of the aristocratic elite of the previous century.
Opulent but dainty earrings that feature gold, rubies, diamonds and glitzy glamour seen to be worn during the day within the palace of the wealthy elite.
Golden dawn medallions that were issued to those who had loved and lost, their own war that broke their hearts and lost them loved ones, ruby hearts that signify those broken hearts and never to be forgotten memories, worn with scorn and solace for those lost to others.
Golden hands holding the heart of a loved one enshrined with silver diamonds of a flame so deep that it burns forever in the mind, the ruby ring signifying the hand of a wealthy holder of this heart and soul. Never to be forgotten.
Daggers through the heart of a loved one, the duelling of jealous minds that plunge deeply into the broken heart of their lovers, scorned to the soil forever and never to be forgotten by murder of the mind and soul.
Lovers come and lovers go, but the memories of cupid stay forever.
An unforgettable collection of Victorian pieces with a statement Edwardian hands belt that is priceless and limited in nature.
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