Sofa Arm Tray in Black Oak Wood - MissJ Designs
Sofa Arm Tray in Black Oak Wood - MissJ Designs

Sofa Arm Tray in Black Oak Wood

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Sofa Arm Tray in Dark Brown Oak


Universal fitting sofa arm tray table mat, perfect for rounded sofa arms or larger wider square sofa arms, our trays do not slide or move, they are firmly held in place by virtue of the felt backing and the centre console which is wide enough for any arm rest whilst the ribs curve nicely round the arm for extra holding power.

3 Sizes:

Narrow: 120mm/5inch for rounded sofa arms
Medium: 160mm/6inch for most sofa arms
Wide: 200mm/8inch for larger wider square sofa arms

Our trays are simply the best quality sofa trays that money can buy, super slim, sleek, light and durable with a truly modernist design appeal to them.

All of our trays are liquid resistant, heat resistant and durable enough to last for years.


Width: 400mm (16inches)
Height: 320mm (13 inches)
Centre Console Width: 120mm (5 inches)

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Want a different colour?

Ask us for a custom request, we are the specialists, every piece is hand made by our fair hands to order so you are welcome to ask for customisation email